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Whether you have a toothache or a broken crown, you can book directly with Ayik + Berto, your local Endodontist, saving you time and money.

We haven’t stopped serving the community and are available by appointment to help alleviate any tooth sensitivities. Your Endodontist should be your first call to diagnose tooth pain. No dental referral required! 

​​founding Endodontists

Dr. Murat Ayik, DDS


​Dr. Antonio Berto, DDS


​Your Safety
Is Our Priority

​Keeping You Safe From Covid19

Our facilities are taking extra measures to keep our patients safe. In addition to using hospital grade disinfectant and personal protection equipment, we have implemented policies that go beyond traditional infection control methods. 


​Staff & Patients are screened before their appointment and on arrival, including declaration and temperature checks.


​​We have enhanced sterilization controls and all equipment & surfaces are disinfected repeatedly through the day and chemically wrapped in Envirocleanse.

Patient Care

All patients will be required to wash their hands and use a specialized mouthwash prior to evaluation or treatment.

​Social Distancing

​Our waiting room is rearranged to allow proper distancing - or you can wait in your car until your appointment is called.

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Relief From Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing any tooth pain or have a cracked tooth, you need to book an appointment immediately!

Your Endodontist should be your first call to diagnose tooth pain:

Tooth pain or sensitivity

Root Canal

Cracked tooth

or traumatic

dental injury​

​Broken Crown

​Know someone who has A toothache or Broken crown?

​ Whether it aches or not, a cracked tooth will usually end up at an Endodontist. If you want them to get better care for their teeth in a very safe environment, please share this page!


Better Care For Your Teeth

Up to 97% of all adults aged between 34 and 65 will experience some form of tooth decay. Your Endodontist can diagnose problems earlier and provide better treatment. The goal of the Endodontist is to save your natural teeth in order to avoid costly tooth replacement procedures. By dealing with problems early, you save money on costly repairs.

​Relief From Tooth Pain

​If you are experiencing any tooth pain or broken teeth right now, you can book an appointment immediately. 

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